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Focusing on the Cause of Your Pain

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Get rid of your pain
Get back to your active life
Get back on your feet without surgery
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       -  Ankle & Foot Pain                                                    Heel Pain   
       -  Arthritic & Rheumatoid Feet                       Infections
       -  Bunions                                                                                  Ingrown Toenails
       -  Circulation Issues                                                      Knee & Lower Back Pain
       -  Corns & Calluses                                                       Nerve Problems
       -  Diabetic Foot Care                                                   Neuromas
       -  Flat Feet                                                                                 -  Sports Medicine
       -  Fractures & Sprains                                                 -  Toenail Problems
       -  Fungal Toenails                                                            -  Work Related Problems
       -  Hammertoes                                                                     -  Wound & Ulceration Care

Comprehensive Care of the Foot and Ankle
Fully Board Certified and Credentialed

For in-depth information about Dr. Hoffman, please see her
Curriculum Vitae

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